Wow, 50 years is a lifetime ago.  I'm still working in software support and managing a network for a couple companies.  I've enjoy doing the website for the class and have enjoyed reconnecting with so many classmates.  I plan to travel more and cut back on work in the next year or two.  It has been sad to say goodbye to classmates that have passed but am excited about seeing so many of you at the 50th reunion!

Here's a 2018 photo with my 91 year old Dad in San Clemente



High School was soooo long ago!

I went to the University of Minnesota and graduated with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business.  I have worked primarily in high tech sales.

My current job is Executive Director of UMAGA, which operates a wholesale merchandise Mart in Minnetonka.

My home is in Eden Prairie and I am married with (1) adult son.

Please feel free to  by email.  I'm looking forward to the next reunion!

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"There are only 10 types of people in the world:
      Those who understand binary, and those who don't"






Jeff has authorized release of info to classmates

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