Hello to Everyone from the Graduating Class of 1968:

I only lived in Minn. for 4 years (9th-12th grade), so many of you probably won't remember me. However, the 4 years I lived there were four of the best years of my life, and I loved Minnesota.  I have fond memories of many of you, and even though I moved back to NJ right after graduation, I wish I would have stayed in touch with people.  I often think and wonder what everyone is doing.  Dague Clark sent me this website after I tracked him down, after 38+ years, and I shocked him with a phone call.

I've enjoyed looking at all the photos of the 40th reunion and hope to make one of the next ones. Since leaving Wayzata in '68, I moved back to NJ; dropped out of college, in Vermont, after one yr.; went to a broadcasting school in Boston for 4 months (in 1970); worked in a supermarket ('72-'81, various managerial positions ending at grocery manager); moved to Saratoga Springs, NY in 1980 (had numerous jobs between '81-'89); and in April 1989 had a car accident where I broke my neck, and started my second life.

My second life as a quadriplegic started in '89, when I moved back to NJ(to be closer to family); was at Kesseler Institute for rehabilitation, for almost 4 months, and where I met the girl who's taken care of me for almost 20 years (the only reason we're not married is insurance reasons, however we have been engaged for 20 yrs.  I haven't looked, but could that be a Guinness book record LOL). After leaving Kessler, I moved in with Joanna and her two kids; continued outpatient therapy for almost 9 months; until '92 I was in a manual chair and very dependent; in '92 I got an electric chair, and believe it or not, passed my driver's test again; got a handicapped van with hand controls, and now I drive from my wheelchair, (I'm still dependent on getting showered, dressed, getting in & out of bed but more independent after I'm in my chair. I run errands and do all the grocery shopping, because Joanna hates to shop.); went back to college and graduated with a BA in business (specialty in accounting) in 2003; tried to pass the CPA exam in 07, but didn't; and moved to Tennessee in November '08 to be near our two grandkids.

Well there's a short (lol) synopsis of my last 40 yrs.  I would love to hear from all who do or don't remember me, and please forgive me if I don't remember you.  I still have my yearbook, but it's in NJ at my mother's house, and I haven't looked at it in awhile. I did enjoy looking at it online today, and I remembered many names and faces.  Also, I was only there 4 yrs., but since I've left, I'm still a diehard Twins, Vikings, and now Wild fan.  I was really pissed when the North Stars left, because their first season was my last year there, and I went to half of their home games, and all of their home playoff games that year.   I also remember writing the names of all the players in my notebook, and in calculus in Mr. Nelson's class, I headed all my homework and tests with Dave Balon's name (boy was I weird then LOL).  Mr. Nelson was one of the coolest teacher's there, because he put up with it and never told me not to do it.   I still remember seeing him ride his unicycle in the halls after school.   When I lived in Saratoga from 80-89, I drove to Montreal (3 hr. drive) three different times to see the North Stars play. The Timberwolves came long after I was gone, and I was a "puckster" not a "roundballer", but I still root for them just 'cause they're from MN.  You can contact me.


Hello 50th Reunion:

I  really wish I could be there with all of you, but in my paralyzed condition and with limited funds, there is no way I can make it. Please say hello to everyone for me. I really miss Minnesota. I still root for all their sports teams as my number 1 team, except in hockey. When the North Stars left, and Neil Broten helped the N.J. Devils win their first (of three) Stanley Cups, I made the Devils my number 1 hockey team (Wild number 2). I would really like to be there with all of you. Fifty years is too long to be out of touch with your high school friends. If anyone feels like calling to say hi, they can reach me at 201-988-6055. Also, if anyone is planning a trip to NJ, they're welcome to stay with us. Just call and I'll give you our address. I hope a good time is had by all, and I'm sorry I won't be able to enjoy it with all of you. Happy 50th.  

Stephen Lappe


Steve has authorized release of info to classmates