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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

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The "New" Wayzata High School built in 1997

Time until the 50th Reunion:  

Initial Details Now Available - Sign Up Now

50th Reunion Dates

Reunion Letters and Meeting Notes

Next Committee Meeting - August 13, 6PM - Wayzata Muni


Attention Class of '68 Alumni:

Do you want to be included in our 50th directory? 

Make sure that we have your information AND your permission to be included. 

Check here for your sharing status.

   Did you know: 
   The Class of '68 has a Facebook group page?  See it at:  


Calling all Detectives!  We have some unidentified people in the earlier class photos. 

Check these unsolved mysteries here!

Updates to the Class Information and Website: (Now on separate page)

Other Gatherings: (misc photos) 

July 2017:  The website will now be reachable by some additional addresses!  In addition to the original www.68whs.com and www.68whs.orgwe can now also use www.whs68.org, www.wayzata68.com or www.wayzata68.org.  They all go to the same web site and should make it easier for us to be found!

Last Update August 11, 2018
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