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Barb & Nancy Heinitz

Died: August 6, 2014
Cause of Death: Cancer

Information from the family

Message from Barbara Heinitz:

My sister, Nancy, passed very peacefully on 8/7. I got to go up to say good-bye earlier in the day. She had lost conciouness, but did open one eye when she heard me. Her kids, my mother and brother were in the room laughing and having a good time when she just stopped breathing. It was her hope to go that way, so we were grateful. Since she was only diagnosed the previous Friday, it was very quick and merciful. She'd gone to the hospital for back problems as she couldn't stand up one day last week. They found damaged disks, but then discovered the cancer. She was kept comfortable after that. She died at my mother's home where she'd been living for over a year. I know she enjoyed the reunion and seeing all of you.

My mother's address is Donna Heinitz, 312 Placita Idilio, Green Valley, AZ 85614 should you want to send a card.

40th Reunion


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