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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

20th Reunion - Scanticon

July 16, 1988

1. Greg Hamilton

2.  Jim Wicklatz

3. Jeff Rice

4: Lynne Virgilio

If you have any photos from the 20th (or other events), we would love to post them!  These are from the Scanticon 20th Reunion and are copies from a photo board that Bonnie McCannel put together from original B&W shots. 

20th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size. 

Photos from unknown photographer.

5. Dave Frost

6. ?

7: Kris Young

8. Steve Betker and
Audrey Warrus

9. ?; Brian Henning

10. Kris Young

11. ?; Steve Tibbets

12:  Shari Stephenson; Lucia Harmon

13:  Steve Feig

14: Linda Campbell


15:  ?

16:  Debbie Duepner

17:  Bill Scheller


18: George Braun and spouse

19:Mary Schnabel;
Mark Lundberg;
Mary Etzel

20: Tim Hawthorne;
Bonnie McCannel

21: Mike Colson

22: Dan Goodmunson

23: Louise Nelson

24: Betsy Cady

25: Gigi (Haglund) and Norberto Villamil

26: Shari Stephenson; Lucia Harmon; Jeff Lambert

27: Sue Hursh

28: Lynn Virgilio, Jeff Rice, Randy Lofgren,
Deb Duepner, Bill Sheller, Marilyn Streeter

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