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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

25th Reunion
Rolling Greens Medina Country Club

July 10, 1993

1. Debbie Abelson;
Sandy Nalls

2. Jake Cadwallader

3: Greg Walent

If you have any additional photos, we would love to post them!  These are polaroids from the the Rolling Hills event and were saved on a poster board from Bonnie McCannel

25th Reunion

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Note: Main people in foreground are listed; photos are edited for posting size.  Original Scans available by request

Photos from: unknown

4. Randy and
Gabrielle Lofgren

5. Dague Clark; Julie Laven; ?; Leann Schaetzel;
Jeff Walton

6: Dale Swanson; Jim Erickson; ?


8. Janice Keller

9. Annette LaPointe; Mary Lapointe; Roy Roseland

10. Sue Wells, ?

11: Pat Bauer

12: Debbie Abelson, ?

13: Julie Laven; Vicki Linden; Tim Hawthorne; Leann Schaetzel

14: Vicki Linden; Ruth Schering; Bonnie McCannel

15: Mary Schnabel and Mary Etzel

16: Bill Martin; Jim Kreatz; ?; Sandy Nalls

17: ?; Marvin Hayes; Kathy Krolick, Steve Frick

18: ?

19: Franco Capriotti; Paul Titcombe; ?

20: Brian Henning; ?;
Janeth Cotter

21: Norb and
Gigi Villamil (Haglund)

22: Bonnie McCannel; ?; Tim Hawthorne

23: Debbie Abelson; Tom; Bobbie Godward

24: Steve Tibbetts with Julie Janke

25: Franco Capriotti;
Jim Wicklatz

26: Vicki Linden parties!

27: Larry Carlston;
Vicki Churches

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