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 This email went to classmates with valid email addresses on June 24, 2018

Greetings WHS Class of 1968!

This message is for:  Classmate


Hi Classmate;

In advance of our 50th Reunion – Sept 21-23, 2018 – We are requesting an update of your contact details to be sure we have the latest information to reach you for the 50th Reunion.  These are the items that we have on file to reach our classmates.

Do us a favor, please:  Simply reply to this email and let us know if the information that we have on file is correct. 

The 50th Reunion dates are set…
Our reunion is scheduled with events for September 21, 22 and 23 of 2018.  The main event is the Saturday night dinner and activities scheduled for that evening.  Additionally, we have a tour of our old HS, a pot luck and an informal brunch.  Details at:  http://www.68whs.com/Reunion/50th_Reunion/50th_Reunion_Summary.html

We hope all is going well with you and very much hope to see you at our 50th Class Reunion! 

Help us keep the Class of ’68 Information current!

This email message is going out to about 161 classmates (about 60% of the class) with email addresses on file.  A physical mailing went out in early June and are still gathering information from the responses and those updates are not yet included in these summaries.  As you can imagine, keeping up with classmates that are retiring and moving is challenging after 50 years!

  • Confirmed Info on (178) Classmates - (66.1%) (Recent contact)

  •  Unverified Info on (17) Classmates - (6.3%) (Data is up to 5 years old)

  • Outdated Info on (39) Classmates-(14%) (Data is more than 5 years old)

  • Mail Undeliverable for (5) Classmates - (1.8%)   (Most recent address is bad)

  • No information for (26) Classmates - (9.6%)  (Missing since HS)

  • (161) Classmates with current Email Address - (59.8%)

  • (34) Classmates Deceased - (12.6%)  (From available information)

·          Please look at your profile information (below) and let us know if our information is correct or needs to be updated in any way.  If it needs updating, you can reply to this email or use our web form to do the updates.  This is our best way to stay in touch.  As always, your information remains private!  We will use it once a year between reunions to keep in touch, but then a little more frequently as a reunion approaches. 

Please feel free to drop a line and please check out the web site at www.68whs.org to see what is happening!   Also, please don’t hesitate to send in any additional material that might be of interest to classmates (for examples, see the items currently up under the Nostalgia tab).

Please confirm the following information in bold color text: (none on record if blank)

Your current status in our database:  Verified as of: 2018

First Name:  Jenny
Last Name: 
Current Last Name: 
Name of Spouse (where applicable): 
Graduated with W.H.S. in 1968: 

Physical Mailing Address on file:
2100 Anywhere Dr
Smalltown, FL 34298 U.S.A.

Phone Information: (we can have up to 3 numbers)
Home Phone: 
Cell Phone: 
Alternate Phone or Work Number: 

Email Information: (we can have up to 3 addresses)
Email Status: We think you have email - (Y or N): 
Main Email Address: 
Alt. Email Address: 
Additional Email Address: 

We currently consider your contact information verified:  Y

You have given permission to allow other classmates to contact you (Y or N):  N

Previous Reunions Attended:

20th: Y

Other notes and comments regarding contact attempts & updates:

7/15, 8/17 via the web
7/15 - first contact since 1968, 8/17 new address

Are You Retired (Y or N)? N

Our Disclaimer:  Your information is only shared with the planning committee for the purpose of contacting you about class reunion activities.  It is NOT shown on the web site and we only note if we know how to reach you.  You decide if you want to share with other classmates.

Best Regards on behalf the Reunion Committee,




PS:  While our web site is NOT Facebook, we do have a group site for our Facebook users.


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