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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

Reunion Committee

March 12, 2009

The gathering on 3/12 was the largest yet with 20 classmates attending.  We're going to need more tables! Click any Photo
for large view


2. Gigi Haglund has mysteriously not aged since high school

1. Bonnie McCannel watches in amazement as Pat Bauer shows off his wallet.  Mike Thielges appears shocked.


3: Julie Laven & Jeff Walton caught at the Muni.  Chris Utz tries to avoid having his photo taken.

We get together at the Wayzata Muni to continue the reunion.  Everyone is welcome!  Want to join the fun?  Request info:


Note:   Original Images available by request

Photos from
Gigi Haglund

4. Irene Thielges, ? and Randy Lofgren: 
The St. Bart Class of '64

5. Steve Tibbetts &
Lucia Harmon looking good!


6. Julie Laven, Jeff Walton,  and Gary Midge guards the table

7. Debbie Abelson, Dan Goodmundson, Judy Gerold



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